Ancient Savernake Forest Meets Virtuoso CD

Bespoke Commission:
CD cover art. International concert bassoonist Kim Walker and renown pianist Leonard Hokanson announce the release of their new CD: BEETHOVEN SCHUMANN BRAHMS from Gallo Recordings, Switzerland.  See the original canvas on the Art Gallery page.


 Commissioned "dream portrait" of a child.
Painting. 36" x 24" acrylic & hand-ground earth/ochre pigments
on unbleached cotton canvas.
  2009. Paleo-landscape detail: Autumnal Gors Fawr Circle in the Preseli Mountains, Dyfed, Wales, Great Britain.



 Saami Boy & Reindeer illustration finds a new audience.
 German artisan Claudia Höll-Wellmann requested a special mini-Product Tag re: a Saami-inspired illustration for "AIRS Calendar 2001: A Fragrant Odyssey." She was creating an exclusive hand-dyed yarn called Lapland and kindly sought permission to use a detail from my Saami Boy & Reindeer watercolour. It worked.
Knitters, weavers and needlewomen, take note: Claudia's celebrated Bavarian yarn company 
ROHRSPATZ & WOLLMEISE  offers lush hand-dyed art yarns in eye-dazzling colourways.

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