Drawn in Wiltshire UK.
Coloured pencil and wash on sienna paper. UK.
Drawn/painted in Wales. First version of published AIRS 2001 calendar --October page.
( Epona of the Mares)
Painted in Wiltshire UK.
2nd in series. 1996. Acrylic, gold leaf & bronze powders. Altarpiece for heathen shrine to Epona, Goddess of Horses. Private collection.
ALPINE DEVA (detail) 2005.© Acrylic. 14x18" Commission. Australia. Painting location: Swiss Alps.GWYSTYL PRESELI © 2007. Acrylic. 24x 36". Paranormal haunting by menhir and Bronze Age track. Location:  Preseli Mountains, Pembrokeshire Wales UK. SOLD.MUSICA INDIANA© 2000. Acrylic. 12x16". Commission for Indiana University Summer Music Festival poster & program art. NFS.
SPIRIT BASSOON IN SAVERNAKE © 2003. Acrylic. 16 x 20." Commission for Kim Walker, Australia. Featured on her new CD cover from Gallo -- BEETHOVEN SCHUMANN BRAHMS. Painting location: Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, England.Summer Solstice.SPIRIT BASSOON ON ORKNEY YULE © 2003. Acrylic. 16x20" Commission for Kim Walker. Australia. Painting location: Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Isles, Scotland -- Winter Solstice.SPIRIT BASSOON & GOD PAN/SOUTH UIST"© 2005. Acrylic. 14x18" Commission for Kim Walker. Australia. Painting location: South Uist, Outer Hebrides Isles, Scotland. Samhain.
SIEGFRIED AS ACORN SPIRIT"© 1992. 18x24" Magickal portrait of my son, age 7. Wiltshire UK. Artist's collection.NFSPRYTANI DREAMTIME © 1992. Acrylic. Painted in Wiltshire UK.Totems, spirits and ancestral locations in UK. Central mound: Bryn-Celli-Ddu, Ynys Mon (Isle of Anglesey) Wales UK. Private collection.RING OF BRODGAR, First phase. 2002.
REBIRTHING 1 "© 1997. 36x16". Acrylic. Skull self-portrait with pony skull and Crow Mother & Soyal'kachina. Northern Arizona USA. NFSREBIRTHING 2."© 1997. 36x16". Acrylic. Hopi kachinas greeting  two Celtic-Germanic men. Northern Arizona USA. NFS©CASTELL HENLLYS© 1995. Acrylic, red ochre and copper/bronze powders on canvas. Rare Celtic Soay and Hebridean sheep with torc. Location: Iron Age hillfort village near Nevern, West Wales UK. $2300.

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